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200 Alpha Drive
Pittsburgh, PA, 15238

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ABARTA Energy was founded in 1979 as a way to further diversify ABARTA’s interests. The company began by making relatively small investments with oil and gas developers and remained a passive financial partner through the late 1980s. ABARTA Energy then became a more active partner with energy companies who shared its vision for growth. We developed in-house expertise in geology, engineering and operations to pursue a balance between growth through the drill bit and through acquisitions. By the late 1990s, ABARTA Energy had become a complete operating company, owning and operating over 700 wells in West Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Texas.

Today, ABARTA Energy owns an interest in over 2,100 oil and natural gas wells in eight states. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, we have field offices in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Kentucky, where we operate over 750 wells, 260 miles of pipeline along multiple compression stations, and sizeable hydrogen sulfide and cryogenic extraction plants. We used our own drilling rigs and deployed our experience in design, construction, and associated surface equipment and pipelines to complete the drilling of over 300 wells.

ABARTA Energy also has approximately 130,000 acres of oil and gas leases for future development in the Marcellus, Utica, Burket and Rogersville shales. To date, we have participated in the development of over 115 horizontal wells in the Marcellus and Utica shale formations with plans to continue developing our shale assets in the coming years.

Our three decades of experience in the Appalachian Basin makes ABARTA Energy the right choice for partnering. Our core values include integrity, trust, and honest communication, built around a respect for all the people touched by our operations. We make a commitment to the communities served by our business, and we build mutually beneficial relationships with customers, partners, landowners and suppliers.


Kentucky Gas Plant

470 Lost Lick Branch Road
Martha, KY, 41159

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Kentucky Office

24442 KY Rt. 32
Martha, KY, 41159

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West Virginia

6453 Buckhannon Pike
Mount Clare, WV, 26408

Phone: 303-566-7252Fax: 303-566-7360